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Learning French in France has never been easier! Aiming to provide tailor-made services at a personal level, Apprendre ensures that you get exactly what you want. If you need to learn French fast and require full-on immersion into the French Language then an intensive French course is for you. On the other hand if you have other work to do, or just want to take it easy, then a semi-intensive French course may best suit your needs. At certain times of the year, we can also arrange courses aimed specifically at developing French for A-Level Students, and also courses related to a particular area of society of industry, such as French Culture, French Law, French Economics or some other specialist subject area.

Our service is complete from the start, we register you on the French course that best suits your needs. On arriving your level of French will be observed and based on this assessment you will follow work at level that will best help your development whilst you learn French in France. If at any point you feel you are struggling or finding the work too easy, your level can be adjusted accordingly. The quality and level of French teaching at the centre, which sees around 3000 foreign students studying from 2 weeks to over a year, is excellent. The world-renowned reputation of the centre, established in 1896, is further testiment to this, having several world leaders as past students, including, Vigdis Finbogadottir, former President of Iceland, Richard von Weizacker, former President of Germany, and more recently, Masako Owada, Princess of Japan.

We also arrange for your accomodation in France. You may choose to stay in the university residence, to experience the vibrant life of Young French culture; in privately owned university residence, for a more 'upmarket' approach; in a hotel with all the associated luxuries or with an English or French speaking host family for great cultural immersion and security. In addition you may also choose the level of board that you want be it full, half or self-catering.

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To make your stay more enjoyable and to ease your concerns, we can put you in touch with past and present students, as well as providing you with a guide of the town and centre which contains a range of useful information. In addition we assign you with your own personal French/English speaking contact, who you can either call or meet in person, who is available to help you during your stay.

We can also help to arrange excursions in France for you during your stay, for example you may wish to give skiing a go at one of the many local resorts or go swimming in one of the fresh lakes during the warm summer months. With the student card you will be given, you may also be entitled to discounts at many other sporting facilties, as well as the ski resorts, especially those owned by the university.

Because we operate at a personal level, we offer a very competitive service, often beating competitors by considerable amounts. Our tailor-made service means that you get exactly what you want, and don't end up paying for the things that you don't want. We wish to make your stay in France as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, maximising your French learning, and having personal experience of the course means that we can understand any concerns that you may have. Please feel free to request a brochure to receive more information.

After placing a booking with us we provide you access to pre-visit resources, to aid you further in ensuring that you receive the most benefit from your trip. We hope you enjoy learning French in France with Apprendre!

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