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Grenoble is a town with a rich history. Now a university city, with over 50,000 of it's inhabitants being students, the town has a very vibrant air to it. With easy access to Paris, Lyon and Geneva, travelling there is quite easy, and being close to the Swiss and Italian borders makes many day trips possible. In addition to the rich student life, Grenoble is world renowned for being home to five national research centres, and is home to many well known industries. The public transport system is well established, with many buses, trains and an ever expanding tramway network, spanning throughout the town, allowing you easy, convenient and good valued access to the region. The Grenoble mini-pass allows free transport, admission to some museums and many discounts, a definite must for under €11.

Through the centre of the town flows the Isère, traversing the historic buildings as it carves its way through the mountainous region, where it is met by the Drac On the side of the river lies the Musée de Grenoble, one of the town's many cultural attractions.

The ancient fortifications of the Bastille, at the foot of the Chartreuse massif, tower over the Grenoble area. This is now one of Grenoble's top tourist attractions, offering breathtaking all-round views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

First fortified in the Middle Ages, the Bastille hill is covered with the most extensive 19th century military fortifications in France, lying at a strategic position on the Alpine frontier.

Since 1934, the Bastille site has been linked to the city by what at the time was Europe's first cable-car in a town centre. The short breathtaking ride in the "Eggs" sweeps visitors up to the viewing platforms, discovery trails around the fortifications, recreation areas, café, restaurant, footpaths and fitness circuits.

View of Grenoble

There is much to see and do in and around Grenoble ranging from cultural experiences to skiing or hiking through nature reserves. The Chartreuse range is always a favourite for most people visiting Grenoble with it's mosaic of landscapes, alternating open alpine pastures, high-altitude forests and long cliffs, in particular the "Hauts plateux" nature reserve has a particularly wide variety of fauna and flora species, including the rare Tengmalm's owl. In the winter, you can find snow-shoe and crosscountry ski routes and downhill ski slopes at 7 resorts in the Chartreuse range.

The history of the park is strongly influenced by the presence of the Carthusian Order, and the long dispute between the Dauphiné region and the duchy of Savoie until it was annexed to France in 1860. After absorbing the breath taking scenery, one can experience the other treasure of Chartreuse; its liquor, which is brewed in the longest liquor cellar in the world.

The Vercors regional natural park is a natural limestone citadel, extending over 186 000 hectares between the Isère valley to the north and the area around Die to the south.

Over the centuries water has cut through its cliffs forming deep gorges, superb natural amphitheatres, caves and abysses that are famous all over Europe.

Grenoble, being at the heart of the French Alps, has many near by ski resorts, such as Chamrousse, the venue of the 1968 Olympics. If your stay takes place during the winter months you will have the opportunity to partake in a huge range of winter sports and activities from skiing and snowboarding, to sledging and snow walking. In the hot summer months, you will have the opportunity to go bathing in one of the many nearby lakes or partake in activities such as mountaineering or paragliding, cycle down one of the many bicycle paths, race in the Olympic size university swimming pool, or simply relax with a freshly made coffee, in one of the towns many bars, in front of a cascading fountain.

Grenoble is a city, accommodating for all, with a long exciting history, supporting its present rich and varied culture.

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